My name is Brandon Taylor and I am a full time wedding photographer located in Cambridge, Ontario. as much as I love capturing love, I know that i'm not the photographer for everyone, and that's okay! over the years, I have come to realize that I work best with certain types of people. I want us to be the absolute best fit possible. I don't book every wedding that comes my way, I want to capture the weddings that speak to me. I want to capture couples' stories who I can become friends with, because we mesh that well together. and I want the same from you! I want you to choose me because my work speaks to you, because you're a happy crazy in love kinda person and that's how you want to remember your love today! I want you to be just as excited about me capturing your day as I am to be there! That being said, if you feel like we would be a good match, get in touch and lets         grab a coffee!

A little bit more about myself

I love love love to travel and adventure! I come from a large, loving family of 6. Prior to photographing weddings, I studied graphic design before taking an editing position at VSCO. From there, I bought myself my first camera and taught myself everything I know. I started off shooting for a clothing company and then went into concert photography (Diplo, Roy Woods, French Montana, Pusha T, Akon ++ many more) and finally found myself shooting weddings :) 

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