Iā€™m Brandon and I am so glad to have you here. Thank you so much for considering me as your wedding photographer. This is such an exiting time for you and your fiance. So many details to plan, and I know it can be incredibly overwhelming, but it can also be a TON of fun! I want nothing more than to take any stress about the photographer aspect away from you. Photography is my passion. I truly believe everyone was put on this planet with a gift and photography is mine. I want you to choose me because my work speaks to you, because you're a happy crazy-in-love kinda person and that's how you want to remember your day ! I want you to be just as excited about me capturing your day as I am to be there! My goal is to capture your love how we all see it, not that boring posed stuff. 

Things about me: I love caffeine & donuts but more importantly I love my daughter, Vali. Yes, like Valley. I also happen to be crazy in-love with her mom, Tiana, my better half. Being a dad is the best thing possible and has inspired me on so many different levels. I also absolutely love the mountains and travelling anywhere and everywhere that makes me feel so small.