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What You'll Learn


 The Step-By-Step Process

  • I will go over my whole photography journey from start to finish, which will include: step by step transformation of  pricing (yes I will be sharing with you our past and current pricing!), editing, contracts, and so much more! 

  • Full process of the back end of your camera. You will learn how to shoot in manual mode, custom temperature, shutter speed, iso and any questions you may have. 

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Pricing + Valuing Yourself

  • How to start out pricing yourself + when to raise prices

  • How I went from questioning my worth & value to being confident!

  • Real, applicable tips & tricks about how to value yourself & in turn get clients that do as well!

  • Growth of Instagram and Clients. How I went from 4,000 - 17,000 in two years and 10 weddings to 44 weddings in only one year! 



  • Exactly how I edit from start to finish!! I will be going over multiple images from multiple sessions so you see how I edit in different lighting situations, PLUS you’ll receive my very own BT Volume 2 presets. 


Shooting (of course!!)

  • You will of course get to shoot with me one on one! I will share with you my exact camera settings, how I direct couples to get true emotion from them, and anything else you might want to learn!

* Sessions will be held in Guelph, Ontario.

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